What is an Econo Frame?
An EconoFrame is a header that is assembled with welded wire backing and an optional gate. This product comes in a variety of widths and is sometimes referred to as Pad Holding Frame or Service Frame.

How is a V-Strip used?
A V-Strip is a decorative cover that can go over the pockets created by a J-Channel. This product will cover the seams between the J-Channel and any filter media that is showing and is sometimes referred to as a hoop cover

For what application would my company need to use Aluminized material?
Aluminized material should be used with higher heat applications as aluminized steel can withstand temperatures up to 1250°F while still protecting the base material. Aluminized steel provides the best qualities of aluminum and steel by restricting corrosion and providing strength at a low cost.

Will Galvanized wire rust?
The protective coating of zinc coating on galvanized wire deters the base wire from rusting; however, the zinc will eventually corrode over time. Exposure to weather and other elements will play a factor in the surface durability of galvanized wire.

What are Ver-Mac’s standard lead times for orders?
Ver-Mac strives to produce orders in a timely manner, our standard lead times are 10 business days from time of order.

What are Ver-Mac’s standard payment terms?
Ver-Mac requires all customers wishing to obtain credit terms to complete a credit application for review. Once complete our standard terms are Net 30.

Ver-Mac accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, ETF’s and E-Checks.