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What is the difference between bright basic and galvanized wire?
Bright basic wire is an uncoated steel wire which has no rust inhibiter applied to it. Galvanized wire has a coating of zinc which gives it significantly better rust protection.

What is the difference between 7 gauge and 9 gauge wire?
Wire gauges refer to the diameter (thickness) of the wire. The smaller the gauge “number” the thicker the wire is. 7 gauge wire has a range of .166” to .177″ and 9 gauge wire has a range of .138” to .148”. There are many wire gauges available in the market.

Do the Step Frames Ver-Mac offers work with 4 mil corrugated plastic signs?
Yes. All of our stocked Step Frames and Heavy Duty Step Frames are designed to work with 4 mil corrugated plastic signs.

Why would I choose a Heavy Duty Step Frame (VM200) over a normal Step Frame (VM100)?
Heavy Duty Step Frames have a stronger base and are perfect to use in rocky soil or frozen soil because they are more durable. They also work perfect in applications where one sign will be placed, collected and replaced in a new location.

How do I know what size U-Frame to order?
You first need to know if your sign is a bag style or fold over style sign.

  • If you have a bag style sign we recommend using a U-Frame that is the same width as your sign width. This will allow for a snug but not too tight fit so the sign will not blow away in the wind.
  • If you have a fold over style sign we recommend using a U-Frame that is 2 inches narrower than your sign width. This will allow room for you to glue or staple the sign down the sides and still have room for the U-Frame to fit.

What is a 30 D-Wire (VM400) and what is its application?
30″ D-Wires are a lower priced option to a Step Frame (VM100). It takes 2 30″ D-Wires per sign (one on each side). You slide the 30″ D-Wire into the flutes of the corrugated plastic until the “D” bend in the wire touches the bottom of the sign. Do that on both sides of a sign and then place the long ends of the D-Wire into the ground.

What is an 8 D-Wire (VM401) and what is its application?
8” D-Wires are rider wires. You can place 2 of these wires on either side of a 4 mil corrugated plastic sign and then place a sign on top of the base sign. They are often used in real estate applications where the base sign is a “for sale” sign and then using the 8” D-Wires you can add an “Open House” sign or a “directional” sign above the base sign.

What is the Quick Clip U-Frame System (VM500) and what is its application?
With the Quick Clip U-Frame System special sized u-frames can be assembled at the customer’s facility. Using 9 gauge bright basic wires supplied by Ver-Mac, you can fulfill those special orders more quickly and economically. To help keep your costs down, the Quick Clip System is also perfect for shipping signs and frames in a small package one at a time.

  • Either purchase the pre-cut wire sizes needed or purchase straightened and cut lengths of wire from Ver-Mac, and cut to the length needed.
  • Insert wire onto the plastic Corner Clips making sure they are fully engaged.
  • Slide your bag style sign or fold over style sign over the u-frame that you have created.

How much do the boxes of product weigh?
The following are weights for boxes of product.
VM100 – 20 pounds
VM101 – 15 pounds
VM103 – 36 pounds
VM104 – 20 pounds
VM200 – 20 pounds
VM300 – custom packaging per order
VM301 – 30 pounds
VM302 – 35 pounds
VM303 – 43 pounds
VM304 – 45 pounds
VM400 – custom packaging per order
VM401 – custom packaging per order
VM500 – custom packaging per order
VM601 – custom packaging per order
VM812 – 20 pounds
VM820 – 30 pounds
VM830 – 40 pounds

How long are the lead times at Ver-Mac?
Ver-Mac keeps large amounts of inventory of many styles of frames in stock. We typically ship product the next business day after an order is received. If you are ordering a custom size frame we will be happy to provide you with an estimated lead time.